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Operational Amplifier LM358
Dual Op-Amp

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Operational Amplifier LM358
Dual Op-Amp

Low power operation of 0.7mA
Operates from a single positive power supply of 3 to 32V
Can also operate from a split supply of ± 1.5 to ±16V like typical Op-Amp
700kHz  unity gain bandwidth
Open loop gain of 100x
The LM358 is a low-power dual Op-Amp with two independent high-gain and frequency compensated operational amplifiers. It is designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages from 3 to 32V.  This makes it a popular general purpose Op-Amp that is used in many projects since a negative power supply is not required as with most Op-Amps.  This gives it a place in every hobbyists parts bin.  LM358 Pinout Diagram
Besides single supply operation, they can also be operated from dual power supplies ranging from ± 1.5V to ± 16V if needed for a particular application.
Outputs have good drive capability and can source up to 30mA per channel and sink 20mA.
These Op-Amps are frequently used to buffer or amplify signals.  They can be utilized in a wide range of circuits such as voltage comparators, active filters and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs).
They have a gain of up to 100x and can handle frequencies of up to 700KHz
V+ 3-32V
V+ / V- +/- 1.5V to +/- 16V
Max Sink Current 20mA
Max Source Current 30mA
Open Loop DC Voltage gain 100 dB
Max Bandwidth 700KHz – 1MHz
Package DIP-8