Soļu motoru kontrolieris DRV8825


DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver / Controller (for CNC Shield V3, CNC Shield V4)

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Stepper Motor Driver DRV8825 (for CNC Shield V3, CNC Shield V4)
The DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 micro stepping bipolar stepper motor driver.
Operates from 8.2~45V and can deliver up to approximately 1.5 A per phase without a heat sink or forced air flow (rated for up to 2.2 A per coil with sufficient additional cooling).
Simple step and direction control interface.
Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor’s rated voltage to achieve higher step rates.
Built-in regulator (no external logic voltage supply needed).
Can interface directly with 3.3V and 5V systems.
Over-current and over-temperature protection, under-voltage lockout.
Short-to-ground and shorted-load protection.